The safe approach to obtain wallet is to get the link from website. Always download from the official source.

There are 2 official wallets available at this moment for you to choose

  • Daedalus Wallet (ONLY Desktop version, there is NO mobile version)
  • Yoroi Wallet (Desktop or mobile version available)

We will compare the pros and cons of these wallets in future post. For simplicity, this guide will use Yoroi desktop version as shown below

Since, I am using Firefox then I select Firefox from the menu and it will bring you to the next screen and click “Add to Firefox”. Click “Add” button to confirm the wallet installation.

Next step is to create a wallet to store your ADA coin, follow these steps below

It will launch a new tab as shown below, select your preferred language and click “Continue” button.

Term of Use page shown, tick the checkbox and click “Continue” button.

Next, click “Choose” button from either “Simple” or “Advance” option, it will bring you to the screen below

Select “Cardano” then select “Create wallet” again

Next, fill in your wallet name and your spending password. Spending password is required to perform transaction in your wallet. Make sure your password is strong and click “Create Personal Wallet” button to continue.

Tick the checkbox and click “Continue” button

The following step is very crucial for you to pay highest attention. You shall write down the 15-words recovery phrase below on a piece of paper and keep it safely like putting into your safe.

Your 15-words recovery phrase shall be used to recover your wallet in case you lost your device, where you installed your wallet.

You can type these words into a word document and save it into multiple USB/Flash drive and keep it safe. NEVER EVER put this into your Dropbox, Google Drive, Google Sheet, Google Doc or any website on the Internet.

What if you lost your 15 words recovery phrase?

If you lost your 15 words recovery phrase and you still know your spending password, you shall create a new wallet and transfer your fund to the new wallet.

What if you forget your spending password?

There is NO forgotten password facility, the only way to access to your wallet is to restore it

Don’t worry, this is not my real wallet, you will not be able to restore this wallet but you should not share your recovery phrase to anyone!!

Click “Yes, I’ve written it down” button to continue. Next select the word that you have written down one by one in the right order on the following screen. This is to ensure your 15 words written down correctly

Tick these 2 checkboxes below

After confirmation, your wallet is ready as shown below. Your wallet named “My First Wallet” has zero balance.

Congratulations, your wallet is ready. You are able to deposit ADA into your Yoroi wallet now to earn rewards.